CEO Message

David Industries (HK) Limited has established for more than 30 years, our company went through countless challenges and tests at different stages. We thank staff for their hard-working and the support of customer, that enable our company to grow up constantly.

The intense business competition, operating cost increase and strict environmental protection standard require. All new challenges we will face actively.

We promise to use the highest professional attitude, make the best products to satisfy the customer requirements.

Mission Statements

We are committed to continuous provide the best quality plastics parts to our customers, while enrich the lives of our employees and the growth of our company.

RoHS Compliance

Starting from 1st January 2006, David has complied with the RoHS directive restraining the use of lead.

RoHS Directive included six hazardous chemical substance:

  1. Plumbum
  2. Cadmium
  3. Mercury
  4. Hexavalent Chromium
  5. Polybrominated Biphenyls
  6. Polybrominated Diphenylethers